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That is actually the fault of the programmers...

if you look for major hardware benefits, you will not find them
(neither platform makes effective use of multi-processors.

You get real benefits from multiple processors WITHIN an application if it is written to make use of multiple processors. Since most (or all) PowerMacs are now dual-processor, I think you will see a lot of higher-end Mac programs optimized for that configuration.

Since consumer PCs are single processor and going forward will be using Intel's "hyperthreading", I think you'll see Windows programs taking advantage of that instead of having two separate processors.

I believe, although I may be wrong, that the operating system makes use of multi-processors mostly when two completely separate apps (or separate instances of one) are running simultaneously.

Another area of optimization that programmers need to be aware of is Altivec (Velocity Engine). If you cast your problems in the right vector format, you can get built-in function to crunch the numbers in no time flat.

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