E-System ( camera and lenses ) announced

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Unfortunately, you maybe right about the registration distance

It looks like it'll be > 40mm. Take a look at

there is a marker for the image plane left of the LCD. If you measure that to the lens mount, it's about 186 pixels. The 14-54 lens on the camera have a diameter of 294 pixels. Since the lens have a 67mm filter size, lens would have a diameter of 67-69mm. This would translate into registration distance ~ 42.4 - 43.7mm

No converters I guess. Dang.

Unfortunatly, one of the few solid pieces of information we have
about the 4/3 system is that its registration distance (film to
flange distance, or lens mount to image plate distance) is pretty
much the same as 35mm full frame. That's why Kodak and Olympus keep
harping on how the 4/3 system "fixes" the angle of incidence
vignetting problems in full frame digitals like Canon 1Ds and Kodak
14n. Now, it would be nice if they used a registration distance
just a bit shorter than conventional 35mm. For example, Olympus's
OM lens mount is 46mm, while Nikon is 46.5mm, Canon is 44.0mm, and
Pentax is 45.5.

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