Fate of digital camera dropped in water?

Started Mar 2, 2003 | Discussions thread
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I dropped mine in muddy water ...

... while I was fishing. A Kodak DX3700 3mp P&S camera. The first thing that I did was remove the battery and memory card, and let the thing drain.

When I got home, I opened it up ... water was everywhere. I disassembled it, using another camera to document it. I washed everything off (BTW, washing circuit boards is done all the time) and gently blew it dry, then up it in the oven at a low setting (just over 100 degrees F) for a while.

I cleaned the optics, sensor, and filter, the aperture mechanism (wow, three separate holes!) and shutter, and let them dry.

After reassembly, all was well. This was last spring ... I documented the procedure here on DPReview. It still works fine.

Your giant error was powering the unit on. That doesn't mean that it isn't repairable, just that some parts may now be damaged that weren't before.

Sunny Singh wrote:

My Olympus C700 UZ just came out of one year warranty. I was on
trip to India.. and camera slipped from the case into a pool. I
picked it up in 5 sec. ..Wiped it clean... dried in sun... It took
some pictures, and then viewfinder got blurred.

Then It stopped... won't even power on.

Olympus will charge $160~240 for repair, according to their web site.

I have no knowledge on what kind of damage water can cause on
digital cameras,... what are the chances of repair...is it worth
repairing .... any good (and cheaper) alternative shops for repair.

Thanks in advance


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