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and I just wanted to reitterate REALITY

Twenty or more years ago, Nikon hardly had a great consumer
following. They were known mainly for their professional equipment.
I think it a great achievement for them that they are now one of
the most popular brands with ordinary consumers.

... not saying much considering that they havn't released a pro level camera in what - two years now? How many cool pix are they up to? 60? 70?

Many people probably do not realise how revolutionary the F5 was.
SLR cameras before F5 had a mirror blackout time of 140 ms - F5
brought it down to 91 ms - only the Canon EOS 1D series is faster
at 87 ms. F5 also brought the shutter release lag down to 40 ms
(with mirror up, it was 20 ms). Again, only the Canon 1D matches
it. F5 also introduced a color matrix meter, a framing rate of 8
fps with focus tracking (the fastest those days one could get with
SLRs with conventional mirrors was 6 fps, that too without focus
tracking). Ofcourse, cameras with pellicle mirrors offered faster
framing rates, but without focus tracking. Also, not many people
know perhaps that Nikon provided a synch cord for connecting two F5
cameras so that when fired in synchronised union, the total framing
rate would be 16 fps.

Ok, so basically... nikon's has top of the line FILM equipment that is matched by Canon's digital unit... yet nikon has nothing in the digital department that can even come close to holing a candle to the quality of the F5. Point well taken.... next

Everyone said that Nikon could not produce lenses that combined VR
and AFS. Nikon has proven them wrong.

I'm still waiting for the 70-200 price to be posted on BH photo (not to mention the fact that they only have two VR lenses as opposed to Canon's very diverse selection).

Nikon has stuck to a uniform sized CCD from the start.

great, canon users have the CHOISE between three CCD sizes to match their needs while us nikon users are stuck with 1.5x weither we like it or not.

e) Nikon have the broadest range of cameras available for their
system. They seem to have maintained their relationships with Fuji
and Kodak - as a result, the Nikon system supports at least 5
cameras as for now - the D1H, D1X, D100, S2 and now 14N. Between
these models, almost all user needs can be met - except probably a
fast framing rate exceeding 5 fps. I am sure that Nikon will
deliver in this area as well.

I'm not even going to bother with this one.

What I would like to see is for Nikon to take another bold step and
get rid of the mirror from the SLR. Ofcourse, the name SLR would
have to be dropped. With a good EVF, this seems to be the next
logical step. It will allow Nikon to provide must faster framing
rates, and will also enable better optics. If they could do this
and still keep the F mount and backward compatibility ...

You want nikon to make a range finder. Fine and dandy but I still want to be able to preview my photo in real time without battery drain.

Better optics?? Huh? Buy even more new lenses to support their growing disconnect from the digital arena? No thanks.

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