My Mac can't keep the date/time... help please!

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Re: My Mac can't keep the date/time... help please!

Marco wrote:

Hi all,

I have a two months old G4 tower 867 MHz DP.
Two weeks ago I've upgraded the Ram from 256 Mb to 768 Mb buying a
512 Mb DDR from (by then it runs smooth and fast) and
on that occasion I've reinstalled the OS (Os 10.2.4) splitting the
HD in two partitions (one of 10 Gb to use only as PS scratch disk).
I've then download the PS 7 demo (30 days trial), but after a week
the trial dialog box when opening the program said: trial
expired... (?)
I didn't understand why until I've seen the date: 1 gen 1970 (=
I've then reset the correct date/time, but obviously PS didn't
bother at all...
Photoshop a part, I couldn't understand why the computer didn't
keep the date when shut down.
I've changed the little internal battery, though it didn't seem
sooo discharged.
The fresh one has kept the date for a day (or so, I've switched it
off once), but now every time I switch the Mac on the date returns
to the '70...
Ok, for my type of work (this is my PS system only - and some
internet surfing - my Win laptop is for business) this is not a
great issue (trials a part...), but I'd really like to know if I
can solve it.

Any help ?

Thanks in advance


Had the same problem go here and follow directions


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