**** 28-135IS Revisited ****

Started Feb 25, 2003 | Discussions thread
Luis Camacho Forum Member • Posts: 74

Actually, i had seen those pics just a few minutes before, and it's because all that range and the IS that i would like to have the 28-135, my problem is, if it will be wide enough to take the landscape shots that i want...

Ideally i would buy the 15-30 and the 28-135IS from the start, but i'm afraid it will be too much for me. Around 2000€ for the 10D + 500€ for the 28-135 + 650€ for the 15-30EX is a lot of money...

The 24-85 would be an intermediate budget choice. Not quite as wide as i'd like and later i would still want the wide end of the 15-30 and the long end of the 28-135 plus the IS...


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