**** 28-135IS Revisited ****

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Luis Camacho Forum Member • Posts: 74
I meant the D60 and 10D 1.6x focal magnifier/multiplier...

... due to sensor size, i didn't say anything about buying a teleconverter.

The problem with getting just the Sigma 15-30 now is that it's not just landscapes that i like to photograph...


RichW wrote:
A Canon TC won't work on that lens anyway. A TC would make it dark
as night (F11) with no AF!! And why would you put a 1.6 on 28mm
for landscape?? You want wide for landscape. Get the Sigma now
and forget the 28-135. That lens has many issues anyway. Good


Luis Camacho wrote:

Hi all!

I plan on buying the new 10D this summer, and after some info
gathering the lenses i chose to go along with it were:
the 28-135IS and a 50mm f/1.8 in the beggining and later a Sigma
15-30mm and 70-300IS.
My problem is i won't be able to buy the other 2 lenses for a few
months, so the 28-135 will have to serve most purposes for a while.
What worries me is if it's range combined with 1.6x factor (turning
the lens into a 45-216mm equiv), will be enough for landscape
I currently own a S40 and i've just checked the focal lenses used
in the shots i took last summer. A lot of them were at 7.1mm ->
35mm equiv.

You can check some of my pictures here:
and check these also, if you don't mind:

So my question is: is the 28-135 wide enough for this kind of

Best regards,
Luís Camacho

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