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Hope that...

...I did not cause you any discomfort with my questions, even though it seems like the opposite.

Nevertheless, I was not able to obtain a better, substantiated answer to the questions that I brought to your attention.

Objectiveness and precision are key ingredients of my every-day work and responsibilities. I just hope that such qualities are as valuable to you as they are for me (and for others, too).

Kind regards (and please, DO NOT respond this post),


James Russell wrote:

Ferenc wrote:

...Just look at the >

The images posted are from the cameras mentioned and the post
process we use is listed on some of the images.

Regardless of what you think you see, you are wrong.

If you believe I made a mistake, then take the respective cameras
you have and do you own test to contridict my findings. Don't
take and disect our posted samples that are compressed in jpeg and
place on a web site.

Once again, this was not to prove that one camera is superior to
the other. It is only a demonstration of how well both performed.

I am trying to be polite, but this is my last resposne to you on
this matter.

James Russell
Russell Rutherford

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