Replacing my HVLF1000 - What to buy?

Started Feb 22, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: Promaster 5750!!

lisafx wrote:

... The
metering system it does use is wonderful, especially compared to
the sony flash.

I've never had the opportunity to play with an HVL-F1000, but it really irks me to keep reading about exposure problems with it that disappear when a competently designed flash is used instead. In particular, I've seen far too much comment about it blowing things out at close range. The technology used to automatically meter and quench a flash is old hat now, and there's absolutely no excuse for Sony not being able to get it to work properly. Here's a shot I took just to prove a point. It's one of a pair of Olympus T32's I have, each of which is more powerful than an HVL-F1000. They have been providing me with full, accurate TTL exposure control with my OM-2n since about 1983 (!!), and are just as accurate in "non-TTL auto" mode which has been used here, with the flash metering its exposure in just the way the F1000 should be able to do and the Promasters does properly. Although the T32 was more than capable of lighting up the whole room, in this case it was positioned less than a foot from the videocassette box (IR slaved and shot from across the room). Again, remember that we're talking 20-year-old technology:

I've said more than once that I'd love to see Sony follow its own master stroke with lenses (outsourcing the design from Zeiss), admit to itself that it's out of its depth with flash and go retain a third-party expert. Some of the things I keep reading make me suspect that the office cat at Metz could do a better design job than has been evident from Sony with this flash "system"!


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