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The brush(s) I have found interesting so far are Chalk, Spatter and Dry brush tip light flow. There are many others to try but those three are the ones I am using at the moment. The image above was mostly chalk if I remember correctly. The settings vary according to the res of the pic. For this 4 megapixel image, using Chalk brush the size was 50, opacity=100, style=tight short, Area=10, tolerance=0. The Mode was mostly darken but the edges where the paint spills over too far are cleaned up by changing the mode to lighten. You can also use Normal for a different and faster effect then touch up with darken and lighten. Of course the more careful you are with the brushes the better the result. The bottom layer which is disabled by default is there for applying other effects... that is the next chapter.


Dannyraphael wrote:
I'm struggling, too.

Mike: What Art History brush settings are you using?

Brush charactristics / settings would be helpful, too.


Maria Holmes wrote:

Yes, very nicely done! Much more interesting than the same old
photo of one's kids or grandkids.

I downloaded the action and have played with it a bit, but am
having trouble selecting the correct brush or something. I keep on
getting the same runny watercolor effect. It's okay, but I'd like
more control over it all. I must be missing something. Can anyone
out there help? Much thanks. Maria H.

Maria H.
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