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Re: Adam-T lens review page?

Sounds damn good to me!. You've come to the 16-35L as your first
zoom and first L so have a different perspective which is good as
you won't be full of the "it's dissapointing next to my XX-XXX or
XX-XX F2.8L" I hate recommending this lens to 28-70L, 80-200L and
70-200L IS owners as you know what the reaction is going to be, you
have a hard time explaining that it doesn't get any better than
this.. I look forward to your page

Actually, I've been writing ( what I think is ) a pretty thorough, merciless review. I mention that the 16-35L is my softest, most expensive lens. But it's also responsible for 90% of my portfolio. I'm not sure if it's ever capable of critically sharp images ( like my 100/2.8 Macro is at f/2.8 at any focus distance ), but my D60 would be dramatically less useful without this lens.

I'm also getting into it's uses, issues, crops to show what you can expect from it... Trying to be clinical, but useful at the same time. There's data, and then there's information...

Eventually I'll do this for all my lenses. Actually, it seemed like a pretty good way to attract more viewers to my site.

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