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Re: Adam-T lens review page?

Actually, I've been writing a 16-35L review for the past few days,
for my web site... With plenty of "Forrest Landscapes" in it.
People keep asking about "sharpness at 16 mm" this and "flare" that
... I thought I'd put it all together in one place with plenty of
crops, instead of trying to bring a million individual pictures to
work and upload them to my page, then post them here...

Sounds damn good to me!. You've come to the 16-35L as your first zoom and first L so have a different perspective which is good as you won't be full of the "it's dissapointing next to my XX-XXX or XX-XX F2.8L" I hate recommending this lens to 28-70L, 80-200L and 70-200L IS owners as you know what the reaction is going to be, you have a hard time explaining that it doesn't get any better than this.. I look forward to your page

I have any more. You, on the other hand, have used about half of
Canon's line-up. I think a page with your thoughts on all of these
lenses ( especially how they compare to each other ) would be
very helpful to a lot of people.

Yeah - Official Lens tester to the Film EOS community - "Just stick it on my D60, we'll see if it's ok" .. My problem is time for a page, Yeah, you'll see posts dotted throughout the day here because when I've been on a shoot this is where I do my post processing and CD burning for the clients, so hopping on DPR is a mouse click away - I'll have to get something done though ;-)...

Might want to start of by defining exactly what it is that makes a
"good" lens, though. Sharpness wide-open? Sharpness the lens is
capable of? Color rendition and contrast? Bokeh? Flare
resistance? AF speed and accuracy? MF? Exposure accuracy?
Hunting? Optical speed? Price? Value? Anyway, there are a
million factors; I think knowing what's important to you ( and in
what order ) would be pretty useful, too...

Yep and they're all Valid in different amounts to different people - this is how I did the 28-135IS one and 70-210USM one - people can make up their own minds then as to which strengths suit them best, EG, if you need a Telephoto zoom which is sharp wide open at all apertures, is cheap and capable of being used to defend yourself from crack crazed muggers, then a used 80-200L is ideal - if you just need so,mething sharp and capable to plug up the hole til L glass beckons AND still be useful afterwards, buy a pair of Reeboks and a 50 F1.8 .. as you say Difficult.

Andi remarked that my reviews are too shallow in that I missed a lot out - Heck, he's right - I'm NOT Fred Miranda or Phil Greenspun, but I hope that they may have been interesing non the less..

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