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Error codes

The way some people talk here, you'd think that the 1D gave an
error code when you put a 28-135 on it.

there is a pin in the mount which is connected to a solenoid in the body on the 1D and 1DS, if the camera detects that a 35-80 has been fitted, it pushes the lens off easily snapping the plastic mount to do so,

There are a series of button presses to disable this as many use the 35-80 as a body cap as it's cheaper than a real one and less easy to lose and if the camera is accidently switched on - bang goes your $2 body cap..

They couldn't implement this for junk metal mount lenses (like the 35-135USM) for obvious reasons so you're safe with the likes of the 28-135IS even if Canon should get wind that your underground movement has started using the lens with the 1D .. The latest firmware included the 28-90, though the 28-80 is still safe due to the existance of an L in this focal range..

Hope this helps ...


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