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The move to FF might happen faster than you maybe expect.

What evidence supports this? Just wishful thinking?

No. The 1Ds came as a surprise as well, didn't it? Did you read the following, for example?...
htp: www.dpreview.com/news/0302/03021303atmel8mpccd.asp

Both Nikon and Canon are coming out with new wide zooms and the
crop factors are remaining. I think they are more concerned with
getting the price down then they are with moving to FF. Canon
produced the 1Ds for the pro but I think that it is not the
direction that Canon is going in the near future. It looks like it
will be quite a few years (5+) before we see FF options on the
lower end of the DSLR market.

...I'm sorry, I'm not into this plotting / guessing / speculation thing.


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