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My point is that compromises have to be made between what we
want and what we can get.

Yes, sure - I'm suggesting to go for a 28-105 (the 3.5-4.5 version) or a 24-85 plus a 50mm/f1.8 instead of a 28-135. I would recommend this to pros as well as amateurs. For pros (who should be cost conscious), the 28-135 is actually a bad buy because there are cheaper alternatives that are at least as good . I'm not the one pushing L glas.

Sure opinions will change but I think that it's going to be quite a
while before we see FF DSLR's in anything other then just the very
high end cameras. I see a move to wide zooms to make up for the
crop factor.

The move to FF might happen faster than you maybe expect. I prefer to stick to lenses I know instead of upgrading my lens park with every new body I buy. So maybe looking a bit ahead might save you some frustration and also money? So why not looking a bit ahead when "investing" in lenses today?


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