**** 28-135IS Revisited ****

Started Feb 25, 2003 | Discussions thread
Scott Olds Senior Member • Posts: 1,112
Maybe we should have a 28-135 Anonymous Users Group

Kind of like AA. I can see it now.

"Hi my name is Scott and I use a 28-135 on a 1D".

"Hi Scott, we use 28-135s on our 1D too."

The way some people talk here, you'd think that the 1D gave an error code when you put a 28-135 on it.

Greg M wrote:

Scott Olds wrote:

I still shoot the 28-135 IS on my 1D as a walk-around lens. The
focal range and IS is hard to beat for versatility. Its not an L
but its still hard to beat (if you have a decent copy).

Now I know that there are at least two of us who would "dare" to
put this lens on a 1D:)

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