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Andreas Steiner wrote:

I know several phototographers who spend a lot of film on testing
gear. You cannot really assess the quality of a lens on a D30/D60
with it's 1.6 multiplier. Just watch what Reichman and Miranda are
writing, based on their experiences with their full-size beasts. I
also predict that the general consensus regarding some lenses will
dramatically change in this forum.

Remember that many on this forum are not pros. Also keep in mind that most don't have the money for all L lenses. If I'm looking to get a couple of good lens for my D30/60 then I'll be more concerned with how they work with the 1.6 rather then FF. I'd rather have 2 good lenses then one that is good on a FF. My point is that compromises have to be made between what we want and what we can get.

Sure opinions will change but I think that it's going to be quite a while before we see FF DSLR's in anything other then just the very high end cameras. I see a move to wide zooms to make up for the crop factor.

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