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Re: ..."sample variation"...

I know that you have a "thing" about sample variation...

...I developed one today, I think, and I blame this forum...

I know a lot of film users who now read the forums and are starting
to think (getting paranoid?)

...getting paranoid, yes, in the sense that there are much more relevant issues. I haven't seen any half-way decent comparsion shots between good versions and lemons (were there any threads here with comparison pictures that I have missed?)

about QC and sample variation which is
why I get to see so many lenses (Provia costs money - my D60 costs
virtually nothing to run)

I know several phototographers who spend a lot of film on testing gear. You cannot really assess the quality of a lens on a D30/D60 with it's 1.6 multiplier. Just watch what Reichman and Miranda are writing, based on their experiences with their full-size beasts. I also predict that the general consensus regarding some lenses will dramatically change in this forum.

  • in return I get to borrow stuff ..

Nice deal


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