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Re: One more question to Adam.

I am going to buy a S30 or S45. I will use it as a "all the time on
me" camera. One more thing i will use it for is underwater
photograpy. Do you think i will be happyer with the S30 becuse of
the noise (under water high iso) I just cant afford a underwater
housing for the D60 with lenses witn flash.

I would think so - though the AF is supposedly better on the S45.. ISO100 (or even 50?) on the S45 noise wise seems to be about the same as IS0200 on the S30 - after owning a D60, you may find noise as irritating as I do, despite the Massive price difference (S30 is £279, S45 is £450 in the UK) I'd STILL rather have low noise over the measly 0.7Mp difference .

I'm wondering if an S35 is on the way, if it is, it'll be a Superb camera - all the benefits of the S45 in a noise-free 3.2Mp camera which if going by the difference between the S40 and 45 will be even cleaner overall than the S30 - this could mean clean up to ISO200 ....... Somehow I feel that they won't release one and the A70 will be "the" compact non-Ixus 3Mp camera, the problem there being that the A70 will be using the smaller Ixus size sensor - back to square one ..

I use an S30 as a "Be with me always" camera and I think it makes a great pocket cam for the Canon DSLR owner .. Like the S45 it has it's weaknesses (slow lens at the long end, gawdawful AF at full zoom indoors etc) though ..

Some examples ... Check out the last one - it's a 100% crop of an S30 pic Stair interpolated to 6.6mp - Photoshop sharpened of course but NO NEAT IMAGE!

and the 6.4Mp 100% SI crop

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