**** 28-135IS Revisited ****

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One more question to Adam.

I am going to buy a S30 or S45. I will use it as a "all the time on me" camera. One more thing i will use it for is underwater photograpy. Do you think i will be happyer with the S30 becuse of the noise (under water high iso) I just cant afford a underwater housing for the D60 with lenses witn flash.
Thanks Adam


Nick Lehmann wrote:

Adam-T wrote:

I think many would find it very useful, and you could link to it
(like Jeffrey does), if someone has questions about a lens. You
wouldn't have to type that much every time, and all lens info would
be in one place.

Thanks a lot .. :)) .. I'd like the time to do it and collate them,
but I only have the ones on the 70-210USM and this one actually
saved - I keep all the test pics on my server -

the prob with my reviews are that they're VERY " DPR Canon-SLR
forum " related, anyone tuning in seeing me rambling on
begrudgingly about Lee Rothman being right about the 16-35L or
going on about the '[Greg-M and Adam-2' side of the coin regarding
the 28-135IS would think I've totally lost it (maybe I have - LOL)
and I can see them asking in Photo magazines what a "Forrest
Landscape" is .....

Damn good idea though - thanks

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