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Thanks for all the info.

Your comments and experience are very much appreciated. Thanks for your help.

You were using the DF version of the Sigma 28-70EX, right? I've heard reports that the DF version is optically better than the older non-DF one so I'm having trouble determining the actual issues associated with this lens since often people don't specify which version they're using. I just wish I had an SLR of my own so I could test the lens out myself.

Do you have any examples showing how bad the CA gets with the Sigma and/or 28-135? All I have experience with is my G2 and if the CA is on par or better than the G2's lens then I'll be happy. I hope these 10D's (or whatever they'll be called) will be available soon so I can finally step up to the world of DSLR!


Adam-T wrote:

So would you say that this copy of the 28-135IS is better all-round
than both the Sigma zooms? I was under the impression that the
Sigma 28-70 2.8 EX DF was better in most image quality terms than
the 28-135IS, such as flare, sharpness, CA, etc.

CA is an issue on both lenses, though neither are particularily
bad, THIS 28-135IS seems a little better than the 28-70EX for CA
one of the others was worse... sharpness at the same focal
lengths, the Sigma wins. the 28-70EX pulls off the same sharpness
at F2.8 that the 28-135IS pulls off at 3.5 BUT the Sigma is soft at
60-70mm and needs F3.5-4 so at those lengths they're about
equal.... Flare isn't a big issue with either lens compared to a
lot though IS there - again the 28-70L is about the best for this,
even hoodless..

improved on many of the 28-135's problems like underexposure, low
light hunting, etc.

The Sigma doesn't underexpose but twitches a bit in low light, the
28-70L doesn't .. I'd say without doubt that the Sigma is better
than the 28-135IS in low light - the F2.8 aperture helps too

I'd leave the Sigma 24 -70EX DG out of the equasion if sharpness
wide open is important to you ..

It's down to the fact that the 28-135IS IS a compromise but a good
one is a GOOD compromise, the Sigma 28-70EX DF is a poor man's
28-70L and does very well indeed, which you should choose depends
on your priorities really .. I'd rather do product shoots or
portraits with the Sigma, I'd rather take the 28-135IS on holiday
(unless it was a photographic holiday then I'd take three Ls) ..

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