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Re: Adam-T lens review page?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for sharing!

You write a lot about the lenses you own, and as far as I can see, your opinion is appreciated (by me for sure). Some of your posts really have a lot of info on many Canon and Sigma lenses.

Unfortunately, this info is hard to find and gather after some time. I was wondering if you have ever considered to make a webpage with your info. Something like Jeffrey has. You already have some webspace and most of the text could be cut-and-pasted out of your messages.

I think many would find it very useful, and you could link to it (like Jeffrey does), if someone has questions about a lens. You wouldn't have to type that much every time, and all lens info would be in one place.

Adam-T wrote:

The 28-135IS is a very controversial lens on this forum, classed by
many as a cheap midrange lens with a stabilizer bunged on (in fact
a stretch 28-105 was my description) with decent build, metal
mount, compactness and Ring USM. This is the FOURTH copy I have

Marcel D.
The Netherlands
GC-S5 - 990 - G2 - D60 ( BG-ED3 - 28-135 - 70-200F4 - 550EX )

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