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[ot] Flash Extenda!

Hi Adam,

You have too much time! :-). Very good review though. Your opinion sort of goes with what I would have expected is the averaged forum response. Not amazing, can get duffers, but good value for money if you get a decent one. I already have one and Good news is I'm happy with it (after a trip to the Canon service centre).

Anyway I replied as I remember you asking about where to get the Flash Extender in the UK last week. I've noticed them at http://www.Warehouseexpress.com under the Andy Rouse section.

I also went to the Focus show yesterday and http://www.speedgraphic.co.uk had them for £30. Hope you din't miss that one.

A black box recorder and a silver one

Loads of glass: A conservatory, a greenhouse, a set of 12 matching wine glasses, and a nice decanter to go with them.
A table and a whole bunch of other stuff.

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