**** 28-135IS Revisited ****

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Re: **** 28-135IS Revisited ****

Thank you Adam for giving this lens another chance and for also giving us a very detailed review of what you found.

Adam-T wrote:

There are two people on the Forum who have totally opposing views
on the 28-135IS - Greg-M who returned his 24-70L because he
couldn't see a point on keeping it and seems to bill the IS as the

Just to be clear, I never said that it was better just that it was close enough that I could use the extra money for something else. In the case of the 24-70L I used the money to help get the 1D. In that case I was comparing it to my Sigma 24-70 wide open. I need a fast lens for when my 28-135 IS falls short. I use the 28-135 IS more then any other lens that I have.

CA is there, about the same as the 28-105 and seemedly LESS than
the Sigma 24-70EX and 28-70EX and flare seems pretty well
controlled THOUGH I really DO think that canon ought to give the
hood away with it, the EW78-BII is neat and compact..

Being a consumer lens I believe that Canon thinks that most who would buy this lens wouldn't want to pay the extra money for the hood. I got one and use it all the time.

Contrast isn't in 24-85 or L brackets, the 28-105 is actually
similar, maybe a tad better, colour is neutral like the 28-105..

This lens DOES underexpose on both D60 bodies but this can be
sorted in photoshop, it also hunts at 28mm in low light slightly
worse than the 24-85 or 28-105 but it's not too bad, other copies
I've used have been worse than this one.

I always shoot in manual so I compansate for the underexposure problem when I take the picture and contrast is easily fixed in PS (fixed enough to make little difference in print). Sure this isn't an L but it's faults can be compansated for. I love the range and the IS. I hate lens swapping and with this lens there is much less swapping needed. I would swap this lens for an L if there was an L that had close to the same range.

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