??Switch from PC to MAC

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Dick Lund Contributing Member • Posts: 778
??Switch from PC to MAC

I have used Dell computers for the last 10 years and thinking about switching to Apple. I have been pricing and researching the Mac’s

It appears there are problems with the Mac along the same lines as the PC. (1) Lots of software upgrades, (2) internal software conflicts (3) people complaining about support and etc. (4) The estimated shipping is 4-6 weeks and I confirmed that by phone today also. Is this typical of the Mac? Apple told me they couldn’t keep up with the demand. This must be some indication of how good they are ehhhh?

Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining or knocking the MAC. I need help on why the Mac is better than the PC. I feel the users are the place to get the input not the sales people.

The cost to go a Mac is considerably more $$$ than the PC not to mention the expense of new software, What I am trying to, get is as much input on the Mac from the users. I would buy the G4 with two hard drives and two monitors most likely the cinemas a 17” and 20”. 2 gig of Ram, Super drive and 2nd CD/ RW drive.

I am not a pro I just enjoy photography and going to more digital photography and have to say good buy to all my Canon Glass (FD Lens) and F1’s

I am using PS7, PSE Roxio CD and DVD authoring software, Cool Edit, Videowave5 by MGI. And the standard Microsoft software with ME 2000

I would buy the new computer in September 2003. Is there anything new on the horizon that may be coming to Apple?

I realize the computer industry is changing so fast and new upgrades and new technology comes as fast as the new ones are introduced. Also the digital cameras change as fast as the computers. We use to have camera bodies and lens not change this fast but with the advent of technology changing so fast our cameras become outdated as fast as the computers.

I just want to make the right decision and not be sorry later. I don’t buy new computers every year

Any input from the users would be greatly appreciated. I have been monitoring this web site.

Thank you

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