13" roll matte paper?

Started Feb 24, 2003 | Discussions thread
Jon Meddings Contributing Member • Posts: 962
For a 1280

I've used panoramic paper (matte) from Red River. Comes in 38 and 48" sizes if I recall correctly. Works wonderfully but the 1280 has dye based inks.

vealski wrote:
Has no one used paper like this?

vealski wrote:

I've got an Epson 2200. I'd like to print some panaramas on 13"
roll paper. Does anyone make a matte paper that size that works
with my printer? Does Epson make it the Enhanced Matte in a roll?
Or does someone else make something comperable? If so, where can I
get it?

I'd love to hear about anyone's experiences with roll papers on
their 2200s too.



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