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Sandra Jackson Veteran Member • Posts: 3,785
me too??

Since I haven't received my secret decoder ring in the mail, I think you've lost my application, so I'm resubmitting. Will this do? (gee, can you tell we're bored up here in the very white north?)


Uncle Frank (aka Frank R.) wrote:

The Foam Core Addicts Society is pleased to accept applications for
membership, in the form of photographic evidence of competentcy in
the use of foam core board as the background for a macro or close
up. Those accepted will be granted full FCAS privileges, including:

The right to append their signature with "FCAS Member"
A detailed description of the FCAS secret handshake (once we have one)
An FCAS Captain Video style decoder ring (currently on backorder)

The following tutorial is offered For those who are still learing
the basics of fcb photography:

If unavailable locally, fcb can be ordered online through this link: ...

All FCAS Charter members are invited to comment on applications
prior to rulings by the New Members Committee.

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Warm regards,
Uncle Frank, FCAS Charter Member

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Sandi FCAS Member Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Einstein.

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