How many megapixels equals 35mm film?

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Re: How many megapixels equals 35mm film?

Thanks ED, I will look forward to trying it out once they hit the market.


Ed Leys wrote:

Hi Gino,

A comment almost to the point of this thread...

At PMA, Fuji is releasing two new professonal slide films....Velvia
100F and Astia 100F.

ASA 100 Velvia, with the granularity of Fuji Provia 100F (till now,
the fine grain champ) and the Astia with even finer grain than
Provia 100F.

When they hit market it'll be easy enough to try them in your Elan
2 and see if they make 35mm even better for your purpose. Since
Velvia 100F is even finer grain than Velvia 50, it should be even
more scannable/enlargable. Astia 100F will likely be decidedly
less punchy, but on the other hand, it should be capable of even
larger prints than Velvia 100F/Provia 100F. Having a camera where
you can change "CCDs" so readily is not such a bad deal...

My best,


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