Canon G3 and Autofocus, problems?

Started Feb 2, 2003 | Discussions thread
David Chua Forum Member • Posts: 68
What about the S45?

S45 seems to have some problem focusing too, is there any similar way to fix up the AF?

OlgaJ wrote:

Have you switched to Single AF Mode? (Menu > AF Mode > single.) I
have found that it makes a world of difference. The camera comes
with "Continuous" being the default.

  • Olga

Matt_P wrote:
I have to comment, that I am not happy with the low light
capabilities out of the box of the G3. I'm sure that I can overcome
them by setting up some of the manual modes as mentioned in that
other thread. I just upgraded from a Coolpix 950, and that camera
was great out of the box. Any idiot could take a good picture in
full auto mode.

The G3 seems very hunty for focus to me in low light, low contrast
situations. The CP 950, you zoomed in/out and it was focused almost
immediately. I even got some shots last night, that looked pretty
good on the LCD, now I pull them up on the computer, and they don't
look so good. This is even with the 420EX attached, again though
I'm sure that this is just playing with the camera and the
different settings. I've only had time to made it part of the way
through the manual, I'm sure once I'm done with that, I'll be able
to get by in low light situations.

The thing to me is that the camera wouldn't suffice for someone
that desires a point and shoot camera, granted most people don't
buy it for that purpose. I bought an S45 (incredible deal, was
going to sell it on eBay) and G3. My ex wife ended up buying the
S45 from me after seeing the quality of the pictures the G3 took
since they are in essence the same camera. I'm now afraid that
since she is more of a point and shoot person, that she is going to
be disappointed.


OlgaJ wrote:

Kent Christensen wrote:

However, I would like to read more info about this. It is hard to
believe, that several reviews have made such a clear mistake (that
the G3 has problems in low-light focusing).


What's hard to believe is that there are "several reviews" that
have said that the G3 has a problem in low light focusing, since it
is no different than any other contrast based AF system camera.
(Not to mention that I haven't see a review that has said that the
G3 has such a problem.)

All contrast based AF system cameras have a problem focusing in low
light if there is no contrast or if the subject is too far away for
the AF assist light.

So could you please refer us to the reviews you have been reading?

  • Olga

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