Coolpix 5700 dead pixel?

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Re: Ok I reran Dead/Hot Pixel test

Hi I used the the tool on my Coolpix 5000 which I suppose hasn't had a lot of users try it and it worked wonderfully.

My question is this. I remapped when my camera had been on for a while, thus I suppose I got the max number of hot pixels 512. I remember it was over 512 but can't tell you exactly.

Should I delete the table and remap the camera after cooling it off?

Is there any danger to deleting the table? Has anyone actually done it? Am I correct in my assumption that the lower the threshold i.e., 60 > X the less hot pixels will be remapped?
Is 512 the maximum number of pixels that can be remapped?

The reason I ask is that if 512 pixels have been remapped I am worried about errors in my files, although I suppose 512 pixels out of 5 million is not really that many.


BudH wrote:

baw wrote:

On my first remap i had 512 hot pixels as wel. After cooling the camera for some time the remap gave just 276 hotpixels.

What do you mean by cooling, and aren't you afraid that this is not
a typical setup, as in most cases you cannot cool the CCD during a
picture taking session?

If you lower the threshold in the deadpixeltest program from 60 to 0 you'll still see some pixels giving a very small output, but not visible.

I lowered the threshold by 10's down to 10, then @ 5 I had three
hot pixels that were not visible in the review pane.

Perhaps the remaping routine in the camera can accept a threshold value below which a pixel will not be remapped.

Or maybe it would be nice to know what the threshold is for all the
mapped pixels. But your idea would allow you to not remap anything
you couldn't see anyway.

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