DCS 14n preview

Started Feb 21, 2003 | Discussions thread
Emanuele Chiocchio Regular Member • Posts: 431
Re: DCS 14n preview

DMillier wrote:

My point wasn't to criticise the 14N but rather the journalist who
wrote that what gave the cmos sensor its grainless look was a LOW
signal to noise ratio. What of course yields a grainless look is a
HIGH signal to noise ratio...

LOL! It's a problem of translation, my friend! We've wrote the article in italian first, then it was translated in english and the guy who translated it probably misunderstood the sense! Thanks for pointing out! ;-))


Emanuele Chiocchio

PS. FYI we've a new translator and this time he's a professional photographer too! (no misunderstandings in the future!)

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