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Re: S50

id bet canon asked/told them to take it off. i highly doubt its a hack, the a70 doesnt look like a photoshop creation, neither does the s50, the '5.0' on the metal looks real. if it has been photoshopped then someone has done a really nice job.

Ygar Gnops wrote:
I love the black. Glad I saved Walmart's pic of it to my harddrive.
I can drool to my heart's content. Wish I could see the back though.

BTW I did a Yahoo search for "Canon S50." First hit is to
bizrate.com. Click it and you're taken to a Sony digicam. Jerks!

Maybe Walmart took the page down as too many Canonites were bugging
them with questions.

skibum wrote:

IMO, i hate the black look. the silver look of the S45 makes it
look much classier. besides, i think its a hack. i tried to go to
the wal-mart site and it can't be found. also, the direct links
posted earlier all don't work.

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