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for gmd


GMD wrote:

It was a sloppy job :))

Woah, not all that sloppy, I was only being really picky. It's still a lovely pano.

I have done a couple others with better edges
this was was shot without thinking

Good instincts then!

and I did it with A mode
there is a slight difference in exposure and I adjusted with curves
well I may do it again :))

Next time I shoot again in manual ...
I was pretty surprised myself because I never expected that to work
I took 12 shots handheld with VR on and none double .. all
12 worked out resonably sharp and the overlap was about 5% only

Like I said, good instincts!

This one was shot with the VR at 200mm

here is a night one 6 images 28-70 tripod manual

Woah, I really like that one! The lights are very dramatic, and just enough ripples to make it look real.

It may be an offense for a pano pro to be so sloppy with it ..
just shooting away .. :))

Well, I'm a "if what you end up with is good then...good!" kinda guy. I use a pano head mostly, but it sure is a pain to set up and use (to not do a pano 'cause I don't have the "proper" pano kit? No way! Wing it!)

but I have not yet really got into it
and that is why I dont carry a tripod normally ...

I've started carrying a monopod that has three screw in legs, but they don't make the monopod stable enough to support camera and head without swaying. If I know I'm going to shoot panos, I definitely carry the tripod (heavy bugger...)

I will do that in the future a bit more and will use a stitcher :))

Well, to be honest, a stitcher is great to fixing distortion due to wide angle lenses, but I've been thinking about your long lens: if you overlap by a bunch (say, 50% or so), you should still be able to wing it sucessfully in Photoshop (exposures being equal and all that

Thanks for your time .. it's appreciated..

Never a prob, looking forward to more stuff!

Have fun

You too


chasg wrote:

Wow, I don't think I would've thought of making a pano with such a
long lens (I use a wide angle lens for most of mine, plus I have
the help of a pano head :-). Beautful scenery and great pano.

I have made quite a few panos in the past, may I make some
suggestions for your next one? (forgive me if I cover ground that
you're already familiar with).

There are dark vertical bands that are easily seen when you scroll
it back and forth quickly. These vertical bands result from the
edges of your shots being a bit darker than the middles. Bunch of
reasons for that happening.

Were any of the settings of your camera in automatic mode? (white
balance perhaps?). From one shot to the next, you have to ensure
that every setting stays the same, so that the blend from each shot
to the other is seamless. Make sure that WB is fixed to some
setting (in this pano, the "sun" setting is the obvious choice :-),
and that your camera is in fully manual mode (even if that means
that some elements of your pano blow out or are too dark,
compromises that you often have to make with exterior panoramas).

Vignetting can give you the dark edges in your shots (I really want
to get this lens, but I don't have it yet, does it have a problem
with vignetting?).

Overlapping your shots by over 50% can really help with these dark
edges. That way you are assured that you only have to use the
bright, sharp, least-distorted centre of each image (even the extra
wide angle lenses that professional pano shooters tend to use,
rectilinear or not, are at their best in their centres).

Please post more panos, I'd love to see them (especially of such
beautiful scenery).



GMD wrote:

taken today with the 80-400VR handheld S2 of course
12 images stiched with Photoshop...
just for fun .. all shots were taken in raw
200 iso handheld
Well I think I don't need a panohead :))
well at least not for this kind of shots ...
the sky and the water makes it a lot easier

Have fun

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Satisfaction is the end of progress.

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