Pic: Stowe School, England

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for Steve

Hi Steve, sorry to take so long to get back to you.

Scrubber wrote:

Now those puddles.....Actually that is a 100ft wide lake!

LOL! Big puddle (of course, if the English call the Atlantic Ocean a "pond", I guess I can call a lake a puddle

in Lilly pads. I guess you are right, if it doesn't come across
well, perhaps it should go, I found it a useful balance to the
heavy sky and it actally works a lot better in colour where the
reflections DO show up better (for once).

Ahh, now I understand. Any chance of seeing the colour version then? (I'm still working hard to be able to determine what would make a good B&W photo, seeing that colour shot would help

As for Stowe, it is in Buckinghamshire - rolling countryside and
some very famous gardens.

Hmm, that should be close-ish to my parent's place (Old Windsor). Beautiful architecture, I'd love to visit (and photograph) some day!

Thanks for the feedback!

Anytime (as long as you don't need it quickly -heh-)


Until later, please keep 'em coming!


chasg wrote:
Steve, that's really beautiful. I especially like the swath of
light on the fields just in front of the buildings, and how that
same beam highlights the columns and windows.

Do you think that it might look a bit better if you were to crop
out the foreground? It sortof doesn't seem to fit for me (now, if
those puddles were a lot larger, and there were reflections...)

So, where is the Stowe Public School? (Stowe? And where's that?
:-). I really haven't done any travelling in England (yet).

Keep 'em coming!


Scrubber wrote:

The famous Stowe Public School, scene of many movies.....
Beautiful gardens, I was lucky with the weather, storm came in and
I achieved the impossible, got a great shot and didn't get soaked
running for cover afterwards!


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