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Re: Time will tell...

but I'll bet it is the same 1/1.8"
unit that everyone else is using. It will be interesting to see if
Phil has had one for a while and is just under embargo.

And you know what that'll mean Canon fans - high noise levels made worse by the fact that it's cramped into a small camera (like the Oly C50) heat = more noise (the Dimage-7 is a prime example) ..

It's there to satisfy the "Megapixel Brigade" - we all know that a D30 will eat all the consumer 5Mp cams for breakfast and that's only 3Mp too .. lower noise = bigger prints because you can sharpen and upsample them to hell and back and detail isn't lost in the noise - this is why i like the S30 - you can upsample them in GF or SI to 6.4Mp and they're still cleaner than the 6Mp file from a fuji 602

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