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I just bought an s30 and couldn't be happier. There will always be a newer model around the corner, that's no reason to never buy something.

Geyzer J. Salgado wrote:
Wait for the S50 and then by the time that comes out you will be
hearing talks about the S60 or even better a whole new model that
is suppose to take good pictures not like the crappy ones the S45
takes! Do yourself a favor and wait wait wait and wait some more
till your 80 and then make your descision.

Rob Migliore wrote:

JMichaels wrote:

DOn't do it! You will regret not getting the S50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it. It's ordered. Provided it doesnt go on backorder, I'm
not sending it back for a 15% restocking fee. I'll take the $160
I 'saved' and buy some climbing gear, or a million other things.


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