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Re: S50

I doubt I need anything more than 4MP though. Our family hardly need anything more than 8X10. I think they should focus more on getting the picture right. My Olympus (film) is really suck. One out of 36 shots would be blurred and it was always the best moment.

Dhiren Shah wrote:
I can just see all the G2/G3 vs S50 debates starting
already....seriously speaking tho, they seem to be adding a
megapixel every year...at this rate my cameras are becoming
obsolete faster than ever....

Todd L wrote:

oh yea, and another thing, IMO, there is no way I'd pay nearly $600
for that lens and a camera without a hotshoe, or flip lcd, don't
care how many MP..looks like more noise to add to the redeye

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