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Re: enough of the S50, I just ordered an S45

DOn't do it! You will regret not getting the S50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Migliore wrote:

rep would indicate to me. He told me a purchase of the s45 might
make one 'sorry' in march.

The S45 was pretty much more than I wanted to spend. Seems like
the more you look into it, the more you expand your budget. Took
the S45 for $438 shipped from onecall.com. I've dealt with them
before and they are a good company to work with. The 5MP doesn't
interest me much, and it's unlikely that they are going to fix all
of the little criticisms of the S45 in the S50 - macro performance,
5-way selector, light meter bar in manual mode, etc. Besides, the
wal-mart price, if for real, is prolly not too far off at $597. I
can't imagine it being within $100 of $438, nor can I imagine the
S45 coming down more than $20-50 below $438 with the S50's

I've been 'looking' for 6 months, just sucked it up, and I'll deal
should the S50 be the kingdom, power and glory. Besides, I will
still shoot an N80 regularly, and a possible future digital camera
would be a sub-$1k Nikon DSLR w/ interchangeable lenses that I've

Whatever I have to tell myself,

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