80-400 VR Butterfly picts...lots of them...

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For Skip

walter Matthews wrote:

Mahesh, call me Skip.

I was so enthralled with your images and hand holding pictures at
1/90th of a second at the end of a 650 mm magnification that I
ordered a 80-400 lens. Later in the day, I went to an assignment to
photograph a girls High School soccer team in early spring practice
for the local paper and I pulled out my 80-200 F2.8 Nikon with the
sine wave focusing system and went out to shoot the ladies on an
overcast, relatively dark, evening. I needed every bit of that F2.8
vs F3.5 of lens speed and just because my hand will be steadier
with the VR, my subjects are not moving any slower and, thus, with
sports photography, a faster shutter speed is, and will always be,
better. In bright sun, tracking on the field with a VR would be
better and it would be better if I had to shoot clandestine shots
of whoever in a dark place. But... for strait sports shots, there
is no substitute for bigger and brighter glass, i.e. F-stop.

I'll get the lens some day but for now I can't justify it for my
real needs.

I cancelled the order.

I hear ya, Skip. I really do.

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At first I shot JPEG because I was naive and wanted quantity over quality.
Then I shot RAW, because I was still naive but wanted quality over
quantity. Now I've gone back to JPEG because I'm no longer naive, and I
want both quantity and quality.

--Mahesh Thapa

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