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Re: S50

One thing for sure if WalMart really is the first to show the S-50 on their web site..It sure gos to say they WM are pretty BIG players in the camera game.

MSB wrote:
Hey folks,

Maybe Canon felt the market pushing up to the 5MPixel level and
figured out a short cut in order to sell quickly (black body and
5mp) and get their piece of the pie.
Anyway, they might do something similar with a future G4 but,
unless they really improve things like low light focusing, lens
blocking viewfinder and all that stuff, I guess I´ll wait for that
G4 (?) to be released and get the G3 for a considerable lower
price. For all that I´ve seen so far, G3 does a fantastic job and I
don´t think a MP plus is enough to make me lean toward it.

Or maybe, as someone else said before, a hacker broke in walmart´s
website! : ) Sounds like fun!

Well...let´s wait and see!

Best regards,

lildragon wrote:

Anyone else see the s50 on Walmart.com?? It is black body and is 5
mp and 3x optical zoom. I just happen to come across it today. Any
info would be helpful.

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