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Re: 5MP in 1/1.8

Yes the C-5050 certainly has more noise than others. It'd be insteresting to see how the S50 performs in this area considering it also uses 1/1.8 inch sensor and is also of 5-Megapixel...


Greg K wrote:

James with C-5050 wrote:

Greg K wrote:

Glancing through Phil's reviews I don't see any examples of 5MP
cameras using a 1/1.8 inch sensor size.

I thought my Olympus Camedia C-5050 Zoom does use a 1/1.8 inch
sensor size and does offer 5MP!


Good point - missed that one. Unfortunately it does seem to pay a
price in noise. At ISO 100 it ends up with twice the noise of the
f717. Phil's comment from the summary:

"Noise levels higher than the competition, especially unexpected at
ISO 64"

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