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Re: 5MP in 1/1.8" format => too much noise?

The newly announced Pentax Optio 550 uses a 1/1.8" sensor according to published specs. I don't know if these small sensors are such a good thing. My three year old Nikon CP990 takes sharper pictures then my new Canon S230.


Greg K wrote:

Glancing through Phil's reviews I don't see any examples of 5MP
cameras using a 1/1.8 inch sensor size. (The 5MP Nikons use a
larger 2/3" size.)

Given that the s45 has worse noise than a s30, won't an s50 likely
have even more noise?

Have there been recent improvements in sensors that would
counteract this problem?

I'd love more resolution (I want to be able to make 16x20 prints on
my s9000 with my pics but I'm not sure how much more noise
would be acceptable.



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