G3 and STE2, 550ex advice needed

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Re: G3 and STE2, 550ex advice needed

Thanks for the help guys. Think I'll recommend an STE2 and to 420s.

Stuart Rider wrote:

ust a quick check. I'm about to recommend a G3 with an STE2 and 2
550EXs (or 420EXs). They'll be used for some web sized product
shots, by someone with no experience, so needs to be simple to
setup and use. Even though it's not perfect, in my experience ETTL
with 2 flashes is pretty easy to get working. I know a D60 would be
better but I have a €2000 budget.

Does the STE2/550EX setup work the same as on a D60, with ETTL,
flash ratios etc? Can anyone think of any alternatives?

Lastly, any products need to be available in the Netherlands, does
anyone know a good online store there?


Stuart Rider.

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Stuart Rider.

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