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Thanks The (nt)

The' (teh or tay) wrote:

Paulo Abreu wrote:

You are right, for some subjects even 400mm seems short ... what´s
the main use you do to your 80-200 ? (indoor sports, portraits ?).
what model is your 80-200 - first generation one ring focus/zoom,
second two rings or AFS ?

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I got this lens (dual rings AF) main for weddings. I used it
quite a bit w/ my film bodies at home for alter shots where I
couldn't approach too close. I am quite happy w/ the results.

Do you have full size examples posted ?

-- Sorry, I don't have any full sample posted anything for
download. I've just started using it more lately w/ the s2 for
bird shots.
They're all at home. If you ask for full samples from other people
in this forum, I think will get alot.


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