New Nikon AF-S VR 24-120

Started Feb 18, 2003 | Discussions thread
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I'm doing okay David

DF wrote:

How are you doing?


I'm doing okay,and Jill's pregnancy is going better as of late...she's eating food again,and feeling better,sleeping better,etc.

Still no new lenses to report on, but I'm getting that burning desire to actually spend some cash on a new lens. Weather here is still icky...rained much of the day yesterday...gray skies...there was color in the sky for about 10 mins at sunrise, then it settled into a solid,dull gray the rest of the day. Yuuuck!

Still bouncing around thoughts of Voigtlander lenses for F-mount....that 75 Color Heliar is calling my name, but I really,really want to see how this DX lens thing shakes out...I'm enthused about smaller,lighter lenses because as you know, I'm not a fan of big,fat,heavy lenses that are under 70mm in length.

I hope this new 24-120 is a revamped optical sister-in-law Anne got the 24-120 and an F5 as her entry into photography about 2 years ago,and while the lens is "okay" I've not be truly-impressed with it. SOmething makes me think it's a re-worked design,and I have the feeling that it'll perform better with the new focusing system AND VR technology.

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Happy Shooting!

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