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Douglas Carr wrote:

Melvin Shaffer wrote:

Rob Vliege wrote:

Hello forum members,
I finally decided to buy the Fuji S2 pro, and I received it last
week. I am new in digital land. But my first pictures looked
I have to do a lot of reading.

My first question is, the guy in the shop recommended me The
Nikon 24-85 3,5/4,5 G-ED Is this a good lens.

Second question, I am going on safari to South Africa, and I am
looking for a good telezoom lens, do you have any recommendations
in this matter, I have looked up and down to this form but I am
more confused then when I started. I have seen the Sigma 50-500
and the pictures on this forum looked very nice but I think this
one is quite heavy. And it is not always possible to use a tripod
but the prize looks right. The other one I have read a lot about
is the Nikon 80-200 2.8 this one has of course a shorter reach but
is faster I think, and more expensive (what is a decent price for a
secondhand 2.8 Nikon) what are your recommendations. Any
information is welcome.

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It is not what you have, but how you are.

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Why not "do as I do", take a 28/105 and the 70/300. You won't need
anything else and you will use the 28/105 most of the time.

Because Melvin the 70-300 is F4.5 and he will get much sharper
images with the 80-200 F2.8

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Sorry but I do not agree with your point. Definition is a product of the lens manufacture and design process, the amount of light available to impact on the photo sensor is a function of the F ratio and depth of field is a function of aperture, the depth of field at say f8 is the same on a f 2.8 lens as it is on a f 4.5. Basic aperture has no relationship to definition except as a product of design and manufacture.

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