SD9-V1 with a JPEG mode?

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Re: SD9-V1 with a JPEG mode?

Laurence Matson wrote:

It should be clear that Foveon and Sigma are not going to dance
around to every tune we play. However, in my limited backoffice
notes from other users, it is very apparent that Sigma and Foveon
are interested in what we have to say and will work very hard to
correct and improve this product. It is up to us to formulate
proposals and corrections in such a way that a response is
possible. Guido's quick proposal last fall was exceptionally clear
and useful. Geir Rune, I know is doing some great work in color

Foveon and Sigma must do what they consider is reasonable. I'm pretty sure that Foveon (and Sigma) is aware of the SD9s color issues. However, there is most certainly a good reason why they didn't manage to get it correct in the first place. I believe they had to choose between a smooth and good perceptual color balance with soft transitions versus a heavy processed and more inconsistent "jagged up" color balance. They chose the smooth solution because it is much less damaging to the overall color resolution. This approach also makes it possible for people to adjust the color themselves to a much greater extent. I also think that Foveon knows (in theory) how to capture the light in a better way to calculate more accurate colors, but that they are currently limited by technology to do so. This will be solved in the future, but it takes time, because this technology is "on the edge" and will rely on new production techniques etc.

Geir R

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