SD9-V1 with a JPEG mode?

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Re: SD9-V1 with a JPEG mode?

Guido Vollbeding wrote:

I still find it no surprise, as an experienced JPEG developer, that
the SD9
does not yet have a JPEG mode.
Consider that it is a completely new technology, and remember that
it took several years for conventional digital cameras to provide
JPEG output!

The finest digital images I've ever seen come from Sigma SD9 cameras!
I envy all SD9 owners for their ability to produce the best
technical and
most impressive image quality.
If I were in urgent need for a digital camera now or had the required
bucks left, I would no doubt acquire an SD9 rather than any other
on the market, as long as no other Foveon X3 equipped device is

The bucks is what I need, and once I have them.. SD9!! I'm working on it, so I hope to have a camera "in house" before the sun and the spring sets in.

So I would advice the impatient people to keep a perspective for
periods of time. I'm quite confident that sometime there will be
JPEG output from X3 equipped cameras, but this time is not now and
probably not this year, and this prospect shouldn't derogate the
fun and
unique opportunities with this device.

Absolutely, patience is necessary. Speaking for myself, I don't need any in-camera JPG. But of course, there are others that would find it very useful. I don't believe we'll see a SD9 with direct JPG support. Perhaps in a future SD10? In any case, a new dSLR from Sigma won't happen for a quite some time yet.

The time is now to experience and improve the PhotoPro software
capabilities, before thinking of integrating something in firmware.
I have pointed out some corrections to be made especially in the
PhotoPro JPEG output ( ), and fortunately
Foveon responded. I can't say much here because I'm under kind of
but a solution is on the way and you can expect a PhotoPro update soon
(can't be more specific, sorry)...

Again, it is obviously a natural approach to work out some issues in
software first before burning anything in hardware/firmware.

Couldn't agree more, and I'm glad that you are engaged in this at some level and that we'll see improvements in the PhotoPro software regarding the JPG issue. But I think people need to be patient! It can take some time for a new version to "hit the marked".

Geir R

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