990 Power Switch Problem

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Re: Some additional info......

Hi George,

Yes the $1600.00 seems like a lot now, but back when the 990 was introduced the price was the norm (in Canada). The price also included 15% sales tax at the time.

A 5700 goes for over $1800 now (before tax)!

It's not an estimate that I'm after, but I did ask for an estimate in advance of sending it to Nikon and was told the repair would be in the $125-$150 range and would take 2-3 weeks to perform.

Don't know if they were talking US or CAN dollars and shame on me for not asking, but I was talking to Nikon Canada (through the dealer) so I assumed CAN$. But it seems that not only the repair costs but also the repair TIME was converted to US$ (+50%) lol!

Hopefully this provides a little more detail.

I am not bashing Nikon directly or indirectly and I hope that people are not taking this post the wrong way. My purpose was to relay an experience in the hope that someone would answer back "I had the same repair done and it's been O.K. ever since" or "they use a much better switch now" or "they use the same make/model switch as always".

Any of these reponses would help me make a decision about the future of my 990.

George Amer wrote:
Why don't you just call Nikon and ask them for an estimate, I'm
sure they will give you one and then you will know . Also, are you
talking US dollars? $1600.00 is almost double of what you should
have paid...

hicksjr wrote:

I have owned several Nikon products over the years and have always
been a big fan of the brand. When I converted from 35mm to digital
(Dec. 2000) I once again turned to Nikon. I have recorded hundreds
of images with the 990 over the last year and a half and really do
enjoy the tremendous flexibility of the 990.

However in November of last year the power switch failed and the
camera had to be returned for repair. I just got it back today and
a $1600.00 investment that was in pristine condition set me back
another $339.00 for the repair! 8+ weeks to repair a switch? What
the ....

So, my question is this, do I trust that the original power switch
has been replaced by a much improved part and it will now last a
reasonable amount of time, or do I cut my losses and sell the
camera now that it's working, to avoid another very expensive
repair a year and a half down the road?

I vaguely remember this issue coming up on the forum shortly after
I bought the 990.

Thanks for your time and effort.

Best Regards,

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