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Jay wrote

I think you should not place the sun on the center of the frame coz
the intensity of the light will be the one that the camera will
focus on. I was told to place the sun a little bit on either the
left or right to get better exposure of the landscape vis-a-vis the

If shooting with the sun in the frame, I would use the manual mode and the sunny 16 rule. In case you haven't heard about it, it states that a subjet lighted by the sun will be properly exposed at f16 and a speed equivalent to the ASA setting. For instance, ISO/ASA 50 would yield a 1/60s shutter time and f16 apperture. When it's cloudy, you increase the aperture or decrease the speed by 1 to 3 stops, depending on the thickness of the cloud layer. Even more if you want to expose the dark side of the buildings. It wouldn't solve the green band problem, but you can place the sun wherever you want and don't need a hint from the meter to judge exposure.
Ain't manual the best setting of them all

Also great for foolproof exposure in street shooting when the sky is stable (no clouds adrift) and for shooting the moon: it's lighted by the sun so the sunny 16 rule rules!

Enjoy your shooting!


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